Written in Red

I found a photo of a cute boy and a girl from internet search and used it as a reference for this painting.  While painting, I noticed that the boy’s face looked too innocent like a face shown on a Hallmark card.  So, I tried to tarnish it a bit by touching it up with some dark colors.  It didn’t work. While I was mulling it over wondering what to do, it suddenly occurred to me that he could be Jesus.

What is he drawing?  Could it be that he is not merely doodling?  Rather, is he explaining something with his drawing to the girl? Does the red color symbolize the blood he shed for her?  Is he using a color pencil so that the girl doesn’t get frightened?

Children first learn by pictures before they can read words to learn about abstract concepts.  This seems to be the method God uses to teach us as well.  The Old Testament of the Bible starts with description of visual objects (sacrificial lamb, unleavened bread, Moses’ staff, blood on the threshold, etc.) and what they mean.

Then, God established the Seven Feasts (Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Trumpets etc.) so that people can remember the meanings of these objects as they celebrate them and learn about invisible spiritual realities such as sin, atonement, sacrifice, love, judgment and salvation etc. at the same time.  He also sent his only begotten son to us as a man to be with us and teach us directly.  The Word came to us (“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  John 1:14).

After completing the painting, I went on a business trip to Granbury, Texas.  As I was checking into the hotel, I saw a couple of Bible tract lying on the counter.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Is it allowed here?

The desk clerk told me to take one.  I told her that I hate to take it because there were only a couple of them.  She said “Don’t worry.  I have a stack of them back here,” pointing to the corner of the other side of the counter.

So, I took one.  It’s a single piece of paper folded twice.  It’s entitled “An Intimate Message from God to You.” with the image of a red color pencil prominently featured in it, just like my painting!

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