Bloody Syria, For how long?

Witnesses to the massacre, including a survivor who was wounded and left for dead, said most of the killing was conducted by pro-government militiamen, Mr. Colville said, adding that they sometimes appeared to operate in concert with government security forces. Witness accounts described how some militiamen went through houses chanting, “Shabiha for you, Assad,” Mr. Colville said in an interview, using a term for pro-government thugs.  The New York Times Cover Story, May 29, 2012

Just when I was contemplating of going to see Man in Black 3 to make up for missed holiday entertainment, I saw the CNN news alert and horrible photos of Syrian children’s cut-up bodies.

The killings in Syria have been going on for so long, it’s become old news.  Now even women and children are being tortured and killed in the most heinous ways.  How long are we going to be bystanders?  Are we indeed stalling as the New York Times article points out?  Going along with Russia that backs the Assad regime?  Even the Russian people are putting pressure on their government.

 Some analysts have called it an international stalling measure, because the Western appetite for military intervention in the conflict is low, even in the absence of Russian opposition.  New York Times, May 29, 2012

It may be too much of a burden to choose the military option for a single country such as ours.  But a united force should be able to prevail upon the Syrians.

It’s getting more and more shameful just to stand and watch.  Children being savagely killed by knives, axes and machine guns like scenes from a horror movie.  It is a more inconvenient truth that has to be addressed, than unusual weather patterns.









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