Surprising Images Captured with Phone Camera

These photos were taken on December 3, 2021 when Peter, my husband, and I were at the Texas A&M School of Dentistry building in downtown Dallas.  Click Here to view all photos.

I was in the waiting room on the 8th floor when I looked out the window and noticed a vertical rainbow that seemed to be going straight up into the sky.  It was unusual because it did not rain on that day and the sky was clear blue.  I went close to the large window and took some photos of the rainbow with my phone.

Outside was darkening fast as though it was about to rain at any moment.  And the rainbow was turning more vivid against the darkening backdrop. So, I took a few more shots.  However, it never rained on that day.

However, I was not aware that some surprising images were captured at that time.  A few months later, I was looking for a photo to submit for the photo contest held by the photo club my husband and I belong to.  The theme that month was “Looking Up.”

As I was gathering up some potential photos, I remembered the photos I took at the dentistry building. They were still stored in the Photos app of my iPhone.

So, I picked one of them which was the last of the 15 shots taken at that time.  When I brought it onto the computer screen, I discovered the unusual image in the photo.  It seemed to be a very large humanlike shadow that almost filled up the entire sky. For some reason, it gave me a chill.  I was dumbfounded and did not know what to think of it.

I submitted the photo to the contest and, to my surprise, it won first place. After winning the contest, I became curious about the other photos taken along with it.  So, I transferred the rest to my computer and arranged them side by side in chronological order to see their progression.

I could see that the large silhouette-like shadow did not appear in the first seven photos.  Then it suddenly appears with another image in front of it!  The second image looked like a profile of a man’s face facing the rainbow.  It appeared to be the face of Jesus!  And is the ominous shadow behind it the Antichrist, the coming ruler of the world predicted in Daniel and Revelation?  At least that’s what crossed my mind.

What also came to my mind was one of the two dreams about the Rapture that I had had recently.  In the 2nd dream, there were pillars of rainbow going up from ground to sky transporting people to heaven.

Is there a connection between the supernatural images and the dream?  I wonder.  I could see one more vertical rainbow behind the first one on the right side in photo #13.

From my childhood, I have had many dreams I consider to be prophetic.  But whenever I talk about my dreams, people don’t seem to take them seriously.

They are just dreams someone else had. Dreams are intangible.  People cannot see them and check them out themselves. But these photos are different.  People can see them with their own eyes.

I feel I am called to share these photos with others. Even without this particular occurrence, people must have noticed many unprecedented events happening right now such as the pandemic, extreme weather changes, advent of the New World Order (Great Reset), loss of individual freedom, moral decline, famine, and wars etc.  These are described in the Bible as birth pangs and the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24:6-8).