Song of Solomon

Love, in its untarnished form, is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Marriage is an institution established and blessed by God.  It is a covenant.  Like other things, I think He established it to teach us about love.

Marriage starts with love and excitement followed by disappointments.  And then we gradually learn to love again.  Through the process, love gets refined while going through many hot and cooling stages.



Marriage is what we have in this world.  It will pass but it is the most beautiful institution God created for us to get out of self-love and learn to love others starting with my own family.  A little bud will grow to become a tall tree.  I don’t understand everything but this one thing I know — God’s love is as faithful and strong as death.  Love covers all sins.  And, His love will find a way for us to be together forever.

I am glad Song of Solomon is in the Bible.  Who says heaven will be boring?  It’s the place God Himself has prepared for His beloved.  It will be as exciting as the first love awakened.

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