Sermon: Seven Insights From Job About Our God



It was another memorable service to remember.  7 Insights I wrote down:

  1. There is nothing God cannot do.  He is omnipotent.  Reserve the word “awesome” for God only.
  2. No one can stop him.  It is impossible to frustrate, stop or hinder God.
  3. God is inscrutable and beyond our understanding.
  4. “Be still.”  Only by focusing only upon God and humble ourselves, we can rest in his will.  Mustn’t have the spirit of entitlement.
  5. When the day of reckoning comes, God will judge with authority and grace.
  6. His blessing is abundant when the time comes.
  7. Only God can fill our final years with the kind of music that frees of our circumstances.


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  1. Phil Hur

    God is almighty there is no need to fear of our future


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