Reproductive Health Act

I know things are getting evil day by day. This news still surprised me greatly. With the passing of this law in New York, it has become now possible to abort (kill) a baby right in full term right before his/her delivery. To celebrate passing of this bill, they lit up the One World Trade Center in pink.

Yesterday, I happened to receive a request to interpret for Planned Parenthood. When I signed up with the translation company, I was grateful that they were giving me the option not to interpret for Planned Parenthood. I don’t know how many of us are on the list. The staff who called me yesterday acknowledged that he made a mistake and that was the end of it.

I wonder whether some day, I will not have that option. It’s good to be a contractor. The worst thing that can happen is I will lose a contract with just one client among many I have. I am close to retiring any way.

I remember Prof. Marvin Olasky who made anti-abortion as his mission when I was in graduate school. He focused his research and publication on this one topic. I thought he was overdoing it. There are so many important issues to cover. Why being so narrow? I did not appreciate his courage to speak up at that time. But now I do. Currently, he is not focusing on a single issue but he is active in practicing Christian Journalism as editor-in-chief of the World magazine.

I also appreciate the courage of these doctors who are speaking up.

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