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When the Internet first arrived, I was told to prepare a presentation to introduce it to the Commissioner and upper level managers of the state agency I worked for.  I bought several books to prepare for the task.  All the books I read contained the sample historical explanation of how the Internet has come about.  The main players mentioned were DARPA and CERN.  It was used for researchers to communicate and exchange information among institutions.

The internet was going to be regulated so that it will be free of commercial activities and any illegal or inappropriate contents.  As I was reading the background information to distill them into a few bulleted summary on the presentation slide entitled History and Background, I felt that what I was reading was not true.  How come different books had identical contents about its origin?  It’s obvious that the same script was copied instead of individual authors doing their own research and write about the subject.

I remember using a big spider web graphic as a background theme of my presentation. In my mind, the World Wide Web expressed in the form of a spider web looked like a web to catch people.  I did not think more of it until many years later.

Recently, through my work as a translator and interpreter, I witnessed many surprising




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