Rapture Dream Mar. 18, 2021


I was in a crowded place and received a text from my friend M.  The simple text in Korean reads “휴거 ㅠㅠ”  “Rapture Boo Hoo” indicating that she did not make it.

I hurriedly went outside and looked up.  High up into the sky, I saw clumps of clouds looking like 3, 4 vertical dots gradually getting smaller from top that appeared to be traces of individuals being raptured and going away.

I was terrified that I did not make it.  I was moaning and praying to God.  Oh God, oh God and could not say any more.

Then, I realize that I could fly up!  Somehow, I could make myself fly but only up to a certain height.  I was thinking… “Should I fly to a different area/country so that people won’t know I did not make the rapture?”

In my dream, it was not clear whether the fact that I could fly up to a certain height means that I was going to be raptured or not.  I was scared that I would be left behind after all.  But I thought I was going to because I could fly.

I went back to the building and was with Mr. S whom I know through work and a girl friend.  I don’t recall who she was.  I was wearing a big blue Sapphire ring that she was admiring.  Then she left the room.  I felt some urgency that I had to leave soon.  So, gave the ring to Mr. S and told him to give the ring to my friend who just left the room.  And, I told him to live “truthfully.” And, he simply said “okay.”

I met three pastors in wrinkled suits.  I never met them before but for some reason I knew that they were pastors.  They all had harried and sad facial expressions.  I was saying something to them.  But I don’t remember what I was telling them.

Then, I made a move to fly up.  And, I was flying up above a highway.  I could hear people below talking “How come she is different?”  “She is not taken up quickly like other people but just flying and floating there in midair?”  I was frightened.  “What does this mean?”

Frightened, I prayed to God.  “Oh, God please!”  Then Donald Duck flew down from high above, brought a trapeze to me.  He said some people had to be carried up like that.  I held onto the trapeze and I was being pulled up!  I was crying out to God.  “Thank you God!  Thank you, God,!”  Then, my alarm went off and I woke up.  I grabbed my phone and checked news to see whether there were any reports of a rapture.  There weren’t any.  Thank God!