Plan for Home Project

  • Home – Family
  • Home is a House
  • Our Destiny — human history.  object of our hope & desire.  hasn’t happened yet although we can experience it now (peace & joy).  it’s a place that awaits at the end of the road.  hasn’t happened yet.
  • Safe Place (fairness & justice)
  • Joy – Fun Place
  • Separate Place (holy place / separate from the world, heaven and hell).  Not everybody will be able to enter.
  • Warning – Do not drift away.  You can lose home.  Do not take it for granted.  Pay heed.
  • Forever Place where we will live for eternity.
  • Mystery (living organism)
  • Love – romance & agape
  • Warm & fuzzy place (opposite of loneliness)
  • Beautiful place – quote bible  gems… heaven.  van Gogh’s painting.
  • Place of Rest*
  • Place that is prepared and waiting
  • Home – should be owned not mortgaged.  debt free, worry free

We already know this is what we want.

start with bible verses — match up with these topics.

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