Painting the fruit

Color decisions
– body color
– body shadows
– highlights & reflected lights (how & where)

– reserve enough time to finish each piece of fruit at 1 sitting.  — easier to blend colors while still wet.

[determine the body color]

find the hue – pear (cad yll med + ltl t grn + ltl lemon)
adjust the value – add wht to lighten
adjust the chroma – to darken -> add wht, add earth color (y ochr, b sienna)-> brownish.  if need to be grayer add complement. match the value of the complement before adding it to the mixture.

-adding complement is often the best choice.

pear: vary the color more toward grn or yll as th color changes on the pear.  add a ltl b sienna to t grn on the rt edge to more nearly match the brownish grm.


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