Artificial Intelligence/Mind Control

I no longer need to watch sci-fi movies to entertain myself any more.  The AI development is more than enough to stimulate my intellectual curiosity.  It is scary because it is not sci-fi but it is sci-non-fi (scientific non-fiction).  That… (READ MORE)

Dad’s Paper Boat

When my father retired, he started to make paper boats from newspaper.  He was making a lot of them and giving them away. I didn’t think much of it and was even a little annoyed because he was giving them… (READ MORE)

The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

Screwtape is a senior devil advising his nephew Wormwood how better to seduce Christians. Screwtape says:   Whenever they are attending to the Enemy Himself (God), we are defeated, but there are ways of preventing them from doing this. The… (READ MORE)

Hacksaw Ridge

I don’t like war movies. There’s nothing pretty to see. But I saw Hacksaw Ridge last night because it’s my husband’s birthday and it was his heart’s desire to see it ! So we checked it out in the blue… (READ MORE)

Teach Me

Lord, teach me how to pray As the way you taught birds to sing Make me graceful Like a bird who could fly without effort Teach me how to find my way To a place Where I will find you The… (READ MORE)

Chicken Little

A little chicken I am As proud as a peacock Look at me Look how pretty my feathers are How red my crest is How beautifully I sing I say My wings don’t fly Yet I’m a messenger of morning… (READ MORE)