Oct. 26 ’18 2 Types of Unity

The scripture I read this morning is about living in unity (Eph. 4:1-16).  I think there are two different types of unity.  The unity in Christ is like a family.  All the members and the gifts they have are valued.  Each of us are being prepared to serve each other.  The head of the family is Jesus Christ.  Each member of the united group is encouraged to imitate the head of the family and live like Him.  The head of the family makes sacrifice for the family so that we can live in safety and enjoy our lives together in loving relationship.

The other type of unity that is being created in the world is where its members are turned into passive consumers and functional parts that are valued only for their utility.  In this unity — one world religion and one world government, a human being is not valued in his/her own right as a living being.  IoT — we are connected to lifeless matters for the purpose of being inventoried and controlled to be used.  Once we lose our usefulness for the master, we become obsolete and disposable.

We are moving fast toward the latter a.k.a. the beast system wherein we lose our privacy as an individual and are efficiently managed under watchful eyes.  I experience the change happening in my work as a self-employed translator.  I’ve enjoyed my work in spite of its lack of prestige because of the freedom and flexibility.  I am my own boss, set my own schedule, my fee, and accept or refuse work.  For example, I could refuse to translate/interpret works related to abortion (Planned Parenthood), other religions, lawsuits involving conflict within church and contents that are harmful to children (games).

I still do enjoy the freedom.  However, my clients started to issue online payment only.  No paper checks.  Software I use for work including  Quickbooks and others all have become cloud based and I don’t get to keep my own copy of the software I purchase in my own computer.  I am also required to access a cloud based “portal” to request payment.  I am required to access a cloud based “portal” to work where the underlying AI is “learning” what my brain produces and getting smarter so that we human translators who are expensive can be replaced.

Once everything becomes cloud based — work, entertainment (e.g. Youtube), shopping and every aspect of our life — it would be truly frightening to lose access to it.  Like when the Internet is down, I don’t get to do any work!  Losing electricity is bad enough.

I am watching and thinking about these things happening along with others.  Yesterday, Youtube was down and everybody including myself panicked.

People are being turned into mindless consumers and audience rather than being active developer of themselves, even in churches — now we get to seat in a darkened auditorium and listen.  Don’t get to sing hymns any more.  Children are lost in playing games.  We are all distracted by sports and other mindless entertainment.  We are all encouraged to focus on “self” rather than “others.”  It’s really time to wake up.

When people are not able to do critical thinking — they would be mindless zombies reacting rather than acting (World War Z).  Someone is turning our children into zombies.



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