Nov. 3, 2018 Sat. Redondo Beach, CA

Yesterday, we ate at a seafood shop in Redondo beach.  Lobster and shrimp steamed for us.  It costs around $80.

Frankly, lobster was not as good as I thought, and the place including restrooms weren’t clean.  Still, we enjoyed the new experience and took some photos.

Then we drove to New Port beach to visit a bike shop to check out the Rad Bikes that can be ordered online only.   We liked both the owner and the e-bikes we tried.  But they were bigger and heavier than I thought.  I’m glad we tried them out before deciding.

[photo of rad bike, new port beach]

New Port beach is much fancier and cleaner than Redondo Beach.  On our way there, I saw a homeless man who looked like a Korean standing at a bus stop.  His face was almost black from sun burn and his clothes were rags.  We saw many other homeless people and old vans some of them were living in — a very sharp contract from the fancy restaurants, cars, mansions and yachts we saw as we drove on the coastal highway.

If I cannot be with the homeless, I should at least live modestly and help others rather than indulging myself while many others suffer from hunger and exposure.  As an artist, I have the option of giving my attention to the rich or the poor.  The truth is that it’s not just the rich who are beautiful.  The poor are also beautiful and worthy of an artist’s attention.





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