The world translated “mature” or “adult” in our NT is a Greek word associated with reaching a goal.  In the context of human development the image is of a person living as God intended:  one who is mature for his ge in Christ.  Maturity should not be confused with perfection.  The ultimate goal toward which we are moving, full likeness to Jesus will be reached only when Christ returns (cf. 1 John 3:2).

Several exciting concepts are lined with maturity.  Our life really does have a goal!  We are to move toward likeness to Jesus, experiencing more and more of what it means to share our Lord’s thoughts, values, and emotions.

Our life can be one of constant growth.  Maturity is something that comes gradually and is grained through experience (cf. Heb. 5:14).  We may know enough so that just hearing Christian truths is no longer exciting.  But because we can grow more and more toward Christ’s likeness, there is always a fresh newness to the life that lies ahead.

And, since our faith is about Jesus, and about growing more like him, there is real purpose to coming together with others.  Ephesians makes it clear that growing toward maturity is something Christians do together.  When we build warm and loving family like relationships with other believers, and when we actively serve or minister to each other, we are helping each other grow toward that maturity promised to each of us in Christ.


Psalm 131

1 My heart is not proud, LORD, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me.  2 But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.  3 Israel, put your hope in the LORD both now and forevermore.