Job 4, 5  Eliphaz Rebukes Job 

“Behold, happy is the man whom God corrects; Therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty.  Job 5:17

Eliphaz gently reminds Job that the innocent individual does not suffer.  It is sinners whom God punishes.  Since God is punishing Job, Job ought to turn to God quickly, for when he does God will retore him.

Eliphaz is upset by Job’s intense emotions.  Job has counseled others; he should handle his own troubles better.  Eliphaz argues that the wicked are destroyed, not the innocent and upright, even though every human being experiences trouble (5:1-7).  What Job should do is appeal to God who wounds but also heals and who rescues those who lay their cause before Him.  To Eliphaz, these generalizations are fixed, universal truths which surely can be applied to Job’s case.

–>  Eliphaz’s words are convincing.  But they didn’t come from God.  Yet, 2 chapters are allocated to his address to Job.  I think God is teaching us the futility of men’s counsel here.  How often do I sound like Eliphaz too!  We should refrain from preaching or judging out of our own little heads.  Be humble and turn to God for guidance.



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