Job 18: Called Wicked by a Friend

“The lamp of a wicked man is snuffed out; the flame of his fire stops burning. The light in his tent becomes dark; the lamp beside him goes out. Job 18:5, 6


Bildad’s 2nd Speech

Bildad applies more pressure. Now Bildad takes up the attak. It’s futile for Job to justify himself. The friends know it is the wicked who know calamity. They are the ones who see their families die. The wicked dash toward death in terror.

18:16-19. In describing roots as being dried or withered, Bildad contradicts Job’s previous argument about the tree that is cut down but sprouts up from it roots. There seems to be no hope for Job’s family tree because God, who is about to wipe the memory of Job from the earth, has already removed his descendants or posterity. In ancient times this was a sign of a divine curse. Once again Bildad manifests great insensitivity toward Job over the loss of his children (8:4).

16  His roots dry up below and his branches wither above. 17  The memory of him perishes from the earth; he has no name in the land. 18  He is driven from light into the realm of darkness and is banished from the world. 19  He has no offspring or descendants among his people, no survivor where once he lived.

18:21 In this summation of the evidence, Bildad uses the word wicked, in Hebrew literally the “unjust one” to suggest that he is refuting Job’s allegation that God has turned him over to the “ungodly.” Bildad believes that the evidence he has exhibited in vv. 5-20 implicates Job himself as the culprit, the wicked one.

20  People of the west are appalled at his fate; those of the east are seized with horror. 21  Surely such is the dwelling of an evil man; such is the place of one who does not know God.”


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