Jeremiah 46-49 Against Foreign Nations

Behold, He shall come up and fly like the eagle, And spread His wings over Bozrah; The heart of the mighty men of Edom in that day shall be Like the heart of a woman in birth pangs.  Jeremiah 49:22

Jeremiah records a series of prophecies against Judah’s enemies.  God’s people have undergone discipline.  Surely pagan nations will not escape.  Egypt, the Philistines, Moab, Ammon, Edom, Damascus, Kedar, Hazor, and Elam are all warned.  A similar section of words against the nation is found in Isaiah 13-24.

Pride was the major sin of Moab, Lot’s descendants who chose to fight rather than permit the Exodus generation to pass through their lands on the way to Canaan.  Pride is destructive, in large part because it keeps a person or nation from listening to others and from responding to God.

Personal Application:  Live a godly life daily, and trust God to take care of world events.