Hymn: The Battle Hymn of the Republic


Trampling out the vintage 63:1-6 Isaiah ‘s vision of the Messiah in bloody robes, trampling the nations as a farmer tramples grape to make wine, is the background for our Civil War’s most famous song, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  Despite the complaints of those who cannot conceive of a God of love taking vengeance, the image of God’s Servant, the Messiah, putting down mankind’s rebellion to establish justice is fully in keeping with the OT’s revelation of the character of God.  What should give us pause is not this vision of divine judgment, but our own insensitivity to the injustices God hates.

Vintage n. 1. The produce of the vine for the season.  2. The time of gathering the crop of grapes.

1  Who is this who comes from Edom, With dyed garments from Bozrah, This One who is glorious in His apparel, Traveling in the greatness of His strength?– “I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save.” 2  Why is Your apparel red, And Your garments like one who treads in the winepress? 3  “I have trodden the winepress alone, And from the peoples no one was with Me. For I have trodden them in My anger, And trampled them in My fury; Their blood is sprinkled upon My garments, And I have stained all My robes. 4  For the day of vengeance is in My heart, And the year of My redeemed has come. 5  I looked, but there was no one to help, And I wondered That there was no one to uphold; Therefore My own arm brought salvation for Me; And My own fury, it sustained Me. 6  I have trodden down the peoples in My anger, Made them drunk in My fury, And brought down their strength to the earth.” Isaiah 63:1-5

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