Home is here Today. Home is where God is

homeless tent – felt the presence of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Raul.  older brother speaking to his younger siblings.

homeless people are being fed there.  we didn’t go there as spectators.  once a month we go there to practice what we’ve learned.

that all humans are valuable.  objects of love.  and we should share what we have.

we form a family for about 2 hours a month.  many homeless people come for food only.  but there are a few like eric who is too busy to eat.  serving by putting up the tent.  setting up and putting away folding chairs.  a man with beautiful voice singing and preaching.

there’s lionel – offering a sincere prayer.  I want to pray like him!

This is where it feels like home where all our needs are met.  no outsiders no outcasts.  everybody is welcome.  worship and eat together.

every time i walk into the tent, i feel tears welling up. i feel the presence of God himself.  so this must be where the home is “today.”

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