Halleluyah (Praise the Lord)

Praise (Heb. Halal)

The verb halal is a common Hebrew word for praise.  It may be used to exalt human beauty (Song 6:9), a virtuous wife (Prov. 31:30), or a wise man (Prov. 12:8, but most frequently halal is used to praise God.  It often occurs in the imperative, expressing an exhortation or command”  “Praise!” (135:1) or “Praise Him” (150:2).  The most familiar example of the imperative is halleluyah (meaning “Praise the Lord!”; see 146:1; 150:6), a combination of halal and the divine name Yah.  The last five psalms present a climax to the praises contained in the Book of Psalms, commanding believers, the Israelites, the angels, Jerusalem itself, and the heavens, and finally every being that has breath to praise the Almighty God, the Creator of the universe.

Praise is fitting.  Praise is appropriate because:  *God’s Word is true (trustworthy) *He Himself is faithful in all He does *He loves justice *Earth is filled with expressions of His love *He created all things *He sustains all things *He shapes history to accomplish his purposes *He chose Israel as His inheritance *He watches (pays close attention to) all humanity *He guards those who fear Him *He delivers from death those who hope in Him.  How could we not praise such a wonderful God!

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