Hacksaw Ridge

I don’t like war movies.

There’s nothing pretty to see.

But I saw Hacksaw Ridge last night because it’s my husband’s birthday and it was his heart’s desire to see it !

So we checked it out in the blue ray disk version from Redbox. And the violence and gore were terrible, courtesy of Mel Gibson the director.

The movie is based on a true story. Doss, who was considered a coward by his fellow soldiers, ended up saving 75 lives while under fire risking his own life.

Here’s my takeaway thought. Although badly injured and perhaps they would be on public assistance for the rest of their lives, these people were not liabilities. Regardless of functionality, human lives are, whether they are maimed, mentally ill, too old or too dumb to do anything, or even the criminals, (even a dying Japanese soldier in the movie), all breathing human lives are valuable.

We are not just part of background – not comparable with even just one of many species with equal status.

It is humans whose lives matter and it is always worth throwing down one’s own life to save them. That is the point made by so many movies such as Shindler’s List.

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