Exodus 4 I will teach you what to say

Who gave human beings their mouths? … Is it not I the Lord?  Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.  Exodus 4:11, 12

I see a lot of abominations — like the movie Gosnell.  I couldn’t sleep because I looked up the terrible photos mentioned in the movie.  It’s amazing that such a movie can be made in this day and age.  New journalism.  When there is no freedom of press, people practice journalism (telling the truth about our reality) through movies, fictions etc.  Babies killed after birth by an abortion doctor.

Other than the babies murdered, another form of abomination is the empty benches for the press in the court room.  It happened in 2013.  The doctor ultimately got life sentence without parole.  Now they are changing the law itself so that it will not be a crime to kill babies.  Children with stunted critical thinking ability will not be able to reach a verdict like this jury.  Making a moral judgment itself will be a crime.

Things seems to be happening very fast.  The darker this world becomes, the more I am glad to find out in the Scripture that there is a way out.  God Himself from the very beginning has been working on taking us home.  And now I see why it was necessary.

Watching this movie wanted me to practice journalism.  Producer of this film is light and salt.  I would like to join the team also.  Have courage.  Speak up.  God Himself will teach us.

the actors look so similar to the real life people … excellent acting as well.  i don’t know whether they are famous but…