Esther 2 Two Significant Events

Esther Made Queen and the Plot to Assassinate King Xerxes Exposed by Mordecai

Esther made queen A search for a new queen is begun immediately. Following defeat by the Greeks in the west, several years later Xerxes chooses Esther, the adopted daughter of a minor court official named Mordecai.

Mordecai discovers a conspiracy. Subsequently Mordecai overhears a plot to assassinate Xerxes and gets word to the king through Esther. The report is investigated and two plotters hung.


Chronology. The text describes a span of time between the feast in Xerxes’ 3rd year and his marriage to Esther in the 7th year. These are the very years Xerxes was absent from Susa on his campaigns against the Greeks.

–> My Prayer:   Lord, let all the events in my life also happen according to your will. Don’t let them occur randomly. Intervene and direct me Oh Lord!











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