Dave Hunt – A Call For Reformation 1987


Dave giving a lecture on the Reformation in around 1987-1988. I have many videos of Dave Hunt not seen for a long time. This is the worst quality one I have as it was taken from a second generation VHS tape that I recorded off of someone back in the 1980’s. The lecture is not complete but still an hour and 12 min long and Dave is very energetic in his presentation and the audiance is quite into the message. I just love the Video format for it’s ability of going back in time and being able to watch a video presentation of Dave Hunt from long time ago. I hope my videos will bless everyone that watches them. I watch these videos all the time as my girlfriend can attest to when I work out and even have them on my phone on 64gb memory card. ┬áby danmelius1


Was there ever a finer example of a soldier of Christ than this.I reckon the apostle Paul couldn’t wait for the Lord to bring this man home. That would be some Bible study, can’t wait myself just to listen in. Come soon Lord, don’t tarry.
Thank God for YouTube and the like where we can still learn from a minister who wasn’t afraid to preach the unadulterated truth of God from His Holy Word, The Bible!
I miss him soooooooo much, but I am glad he is not seeing this evil going on today! We will see you soon Mr. Hunt!!!
Dave Hunt was a great teacher and a very humble Brother in the Lord. I am willing to bet that Mr. Hunt got to hear what we all should desire earnestly, “Well done my good and faithful servant” .
Silvana Smith I’m so glad he’s with Our Savior, but sometimes I wish he was still here… I would love to hear what he would have to say about the utter nonsense which is being espoused. He would be completely flabbergasted by the things the “church” is succumbing to. I’m not surprised by everything within and without the “church” which has turned this world and morality upside-down and inside-out, as the Word told us to expect it to do, I’m merely amazed to actually be alive to see it!

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