Bible Study, Intro.

In this section, I post and share what I read and learn each day from the Bible.  This helps me to remember what I learn each day and share the information as a potential resource for others as well.  I read the King James Version but most quotes posted will be in New King James Version for ease of understanding.

The commentaries I mainly rely on is Richards’ Complete Bible Handbook by Lawrence O. Richards, Word Books (Waco, Texas) and  NKJV Study Bible by Thomas Nelson.  I think they are excellent resources because the authors provide background information without introducing any artificial interpretations of their own or others.

However, it is best to read the Bible first without reading any commentaries or guides.  By doing so, we can be directly guided by the Holy Spirit, the living God Himself.

I use “–>” or “**” in my posting to indicate addition of my own thoughts.



Why is it important to read the Bible?




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