Awana & the fast growing apostasy of contemplative spirituality

Below is a portion of a report from Lighthouse Trails Research Project. Many would wonder why such a report would find its way onto a blog dedicated to Bible Prophecy when the subject matter seens completely unrelated. But it is not. One of the specifuc signs of the latter times found in scripture is a general apostasy, a turning away from the truth and an embracing of fables and doctrines of devils (1 Timothy 4:1 ). The Awana program for children appears to be doing exactly that. Please read the information in the links below for complete details.

From the Lighthouse:
“Some people may not understand why we write this report about Awana. After all, they have done many wonderful things for children. But that is the very reason we do issue this report – we do not want to see Awana sell out to the fast growing apostasy of contemplative spirituality and the New Age; and because we care about children, we speak up. With more and more public schools teaching kids to meditate and do yoga (Yogi Baba Prem says there is no such thing a “Christian Yoga”) and with more and more Christian schools bringing in emerging leaders like Rob Bell(through his Noomas and his book Velvet Elvis ), millions of children are now placed in harm’s way by learning meditative techniques that will possibly take them into altered states and demonic realms. We hope Awana leadership will reconsider their position on contemplative/ spiritual formation for the sake of children and their parents. And if you have children in the program, please use prayerful discernment in light of these new developments… Read the entire article

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