Artificial Intelligence/Mind Control

I no longer need to watch sci-fi movies to entertain myself any more.  The AI development is more than enough to stimulate my intellectual curiosity.  It is scary because it is not sci-fi but it is sci-non-fi (scientific non-fiction).  That is, it is the current news that is happening to me.

I’m glad I heard the good news first.  How it will all end.

The darker the world has become, the clearer and convincing what the Scripture is written about.  All I have to worry about is my own salvation and salvation of my loved ones.

When I was a child, I dreamed of a man on stage.  The upper body of the man was human and the lower part looked like a bunch of intestines connecting him to a machine.  I was told that he was not going to die but live forever by being set up that way.

It was a nightmare that I had have repeatedly over many years.  So, I still remember what I saw.  Not all the details but what the dream was about and how the man was set up.  I wonder whether it was a prophecy.

I think what is important is for me to be watchful and hold onto my faith.  Remember that Jesus Christ finished his work.  I’m safe.

I am thankful for many people who are sounding alarms about it like the one below.  I would like to join them.  I will pray so that I will be guided by the Holy Spirit about what to do.


Artificial Intelligence/Mind Control

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