About Perfection – My Life So Far by Jane Fonda

Obviously the trouble is that wanting to be perfect is to want the impossible.  We’re mortal, after all; we’re not meant to be perfect.  Perfect is for God: Completion, as Carl Jung said, is what we humans should strive for.  But completion (wholeness) isn’t possible until we stop trying to be perfect.  The tyranny of perfection forced me to confuse spiritual hunger with physical hunger.


I was working out while following her movements of her exercise video when I felt something warm and special about her.  There was something about her that was comforting and assuring.  So I googled her and ended up buying her autobiography.

I’ve read only about 1/5 of the book.  I’m amazed.   Her life story and the way she thinks are very similar to mine.  I am underlining a lot… feeling like underlining my own words.

An actress.  A sex symbol and a rebel at one time.  I would have never known that I would be comforted by her words so much that I feel like she’s my mother.  Or, I am wishing that she is my mother.  She’s intelligent, honest and caring.  I.m so glad I met her not just as an exercise instructor but as a life coach.


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