1 Samuel, Intro

The Origin of the Monarchy

This important OT book tells the story of two men:  Samuel, Israel’s last judge, and Saul, Israel’s first king.

Author:  Unknown.
Date:  Saul’s reign pagan about 1050 B.C.  Samuel was Samon’s contemporary.

Samuel, the last judge was also a prophet.  His character was exemplary as he remained uncorrupted by his power.  Toward the end of his life, Samuel stimulated the revival which led to the breaking of Philistine domination.

Saul.  He was a humble and attractive youth but after he became a king, his character dissolves and he ends his life in the grip of jealousy and depression.  Saul stands as a grim reminder to us, to maintain a close relationship with the Lord as we face pressures in our own lives.

David.  He meets Saul, who is both drawn to him and moved to a jealous hatred.  The book takes us to the death of Saul:  the reign of David as king is picked up in 2 Samuel.

Value:  It is a book of living illustrations of great truths which span both Testaments.  Here we see God’s faithfulness, explore the results of failure to trust God, and catch a vision of the cost and rewards of commitment.  Here in vivid portraits of OT believers, we find many lessons for our own lives.


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