1 Samuel 10 Saul, Anointed King

The detailed prediction of what will happen on Saul’s way home is important:  It confirms to Saul that Samuel does speak for God in this call to the kingship (10:2-13).

1  Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it on his head, and kissed him and said: “Is it not because the Lord has anointed you commander over His inheritance? 2  When you have departed from me today, you will find two men by Rachel’s tomb in the territory of Benjamin at Zelzah; and they will say to you, ‘The donkeys which you went to look for have been found. And now your father has ceased caring about the donkeys and is worrying about you, saying, “What shall I do about my son?” ‘ 3  Then you shall go on forward from there and come to the terebinth tree of Tabor. There three men going up to God at Bethel will meet you, one carrying three young goats, another carrying three loaves of bread, and another carrying a skin of wine. 4  And they will greet you and give you two loaves of bread, which you shall receive from their hands.

Saul proclaimed and confirmed:  Saul is presented to the people by Samuel as God’s choice for king.

17 Then Samuel called the people together to the Lord at Mizpah, 18 and said to the children of Israel, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘

. 24 And Samuel said to all the people, “Do you see him whom the Lord has chosen, that there is no one like him among all the people?” So all the people shouted and said, “Long live the king!” 25 Then Samuel explained to the people the behavior of royalty, and wrote it in a book and laid it up before the Lord. And Samuel sent all the people away, every man to his house.

[My thoughts]

I brought up Israel out of Egypt, and delivered you from the hand of the Egyptians and from the hand of all kingdoms and from those who oppressed you.’ 19 But you have today rejected your God, who Himself saved you from all your adversities and your tribulations; and you have said to Him, ‘No, set a king over us!’ 1 Samuel 10:18-19

–> These words spoken by the Lord God of Israel, repeated many times in OT, appear to be the most significant truth in this chapter.  Whenever I encounter these words, I feel joy because I can see how God takes our fate personally.  It’s as though He is nagging and appealing to us at the same time.  I can live by these words today, like the cross hung on the wall.

God, after having been rejected by the Israelites to be their ruler, reluctantly grants their wish.  His intention has always been to save His people.

The Spirit of God caused Saul to prophesy. He chose and anointed Saul through his chosen prophet.  It is all God’s doing. It’s way above and beyond our comprehension the way God operates.  How the Spirit of God moves and indwell in each of His people.

Yet, people must have been impressed by Saul’s appearance — tall and handsome.  They were willing to follow him although they didn’t know anything about him.  And God let them have it.  I would just sever my relationship with them at this point and be done with it.  But God did not!