Leviticus 25 – The Year of Jubilee

Israel’s religious cycle extended over spans of years as well as within calendar years. Every 7th year, the land is to be given a rest. God promises that the harvest of the sixth year will be so great that the… (READ MORE)

Revelation 12 – The Woman and the Dragon

Now John reports a vision that appears in the heavens and is clearly identified as a “sign.”  The vision is of a pregnant woman, about to give birth. A dragon (Satan) seeks to devour the child who “will rule the… (READ MORE)

Revelation 11 – The Two Witnesses

Now John is given a task and very specific time periods are specified.  These correspond with time periods in Daniel 9 and 12. He sees Jerusalem trampled for 42 months and two unnamed witnesses who prophesy for 1,260 days.  They… (READ MORE)

Revelation 7 – The Redeemed in Heaven

The chapter describes two scenes, one on earth and one in heaven. On earth the winds of judgment are held back until an angel can put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of God. The “seal” in the… (READ MORE)

Revelation 5 – Presentation of the Lamb

John sees that the still indistinct figure on the throne holds a document in his right hand.  It is covered with writing and sealed with seven seals.  The seals are stamped wax impressions, which authenticate a first century document.  Roman… (READ MORE)

Revelation 4 – God in Heaven

Now John is brought up into heaven itself, to be shown “what must take place after this.” The sight that draws his eyes is a great throne, such as kings and judges use when making official pronouncements.  A transparent crystal… (READ MORE)

Leviticus 23-25   Worship Calendar

And ye shall take you on the first day the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook; and ye shall rejoice before the Lord your God seven days. Leviticus 23:40  

Revelation 2-3  – Letters to Seven Churches

The content of these letters is summarized on the chart below.  These churches did exist in John’s day, in what is now Turkey. There were, however, many other churches in Asia Minor.  Apparently these seven were selected because of the… (READ MORE)

Revelation 1 – Jesus Glorified

Prologue: 1:1-3. This book is a revelation by and of Jesus.  The phrase “must soon take place” uses a word indicating rapid execution. The phrase in verse 3 tells us that Revelation was intended for public reading in congregations, a… (READ MORE)

GENESIS – The Book of Origins

Genesis takes its name from the Bible’s first Hebrew word, usually translated “in the beginning.”   The word may also be rendered “to begin with”” an affirmation that to understand ourselves and our universe, we must begin with the fact of… (READ MORE)

Revelation 22 – Jesus Is Coming

A final vision of the new heavens and earth reveals a crystal river, flowing from God’s throne. Its current carries it down the middle of the great street of the city, watering trees whose fruit and leaves mean healing for… (READ MORE)

Revelation 21 – The New Jerusalem

John now sees a fresh creation, with a new heavens and earth.  A New Jerusalem, made of jewels and transparent gold, some 1400 miles square, drifts in the sky over the refashioned earth. This is the inheritance of the children… (READ MORE)

Leviticus 21 – Morality for the Priests

A higher moral standard is required because of their special relationship with God.  While all Israel is set apart to the Lord, the priests are doubly set apart. They approached God more closely in the tabernacle service, and they are… (READ MORE)

Revelation 20 – Satan and the Last Judgment

This chapter picks up and continues from chapter 19.  Satan is said to be chained in the Abyss, captive there for 1,000 years, and unable to deceive the nations any more.  Those who were martyred during the rule of the… (READ MORE)